Awesome Tips to Store Wooden Furniture

Whether you’re renovating your old house or simply planning to shift to a new one, you can’t carry everything with you. Some of your furniture have to be put in the storage. You should be careful while doing this because furniture especially the wooden ones require special handling, otherwise it will get scratches or cracks which is not acceptable at all. Go through these steps to give extra protection to your valuable wooden furniture.

  • Apply furniture polish before storing:  Mostly, the dry woods are more susceptible to cracks. To prevent the cracks, polish the wooden furniture before storing. It will restore the moisture not paving the paths to the cracks.
  • Climatic changes also matter: You may find it difficult to close your wooden door completely during the monsoon. Actually, it happens due to the expansion of the wood during this season. The temperature changes cause the wood to expand and contract. It ultimately affects the strength and look of the furniture. Humidity also accelerates the growth of mildew. Therefore, you should store your wooden furniture in a temperature-controlled environment.
  • Use a humidifier to store your furniture in basement: We agree that it’s not always possible to store the furniture in a temperature-controlled environment. In that case, you can use a humidifier or a humidistat to safely keep your furniture in your own basement. The good news is that these humidistats are not expensive and can be bought at less than $300.
  • Disassemble it if possible: If you can take your furniture apart, then just do it. It will help you to make better use of the available storage space. Moreover, it will protect all the disjointed parts from scratches which may happen while storing. Put all the nuts and bolts, and screws in a plastic bag and fix it with the main frame of the furniture. Cover the frame with a big clean cloth to prevent denting while storing.
  • Check out the storage space: Do not bunch up all your wooden stuff. If you do this, the piled up objects will rub against each other leading to cracks in the wooden chairs and tables. Your storage unit should be large enough to accommodate all your wooden belongings comfortably. Don’t press your furniture against the walls as it will block the ventilation. Instead, you should life it up with pallets to let the air flow freely.
  • Use a strong combination lock to make sure that your storeroom is secured. Your storage unit should not be too far away from your house. Having a storeroom near your house will let you to go and check your furniture at least once in a month. Make a list of the belongings and take it every time you go there to ensure that not a single item is missing or damaged. If you notice any theft or damage, report it immediately to the insurance company and the storage facility.