7 Furniture Arranging Tips you’ll Definitely Love

Furniture arrangement may appear as a difficult task for you. But, if you succeed in arranging it the first time, you won’t have to rearrange them every now and then. Just a little bit of decorating sense and patience will make the task easy and perfect. I am going to share with you some simple tricks that will help you to know where to put the furniture and where not to. Check out the tips to arrange the furniture like a pro.


  • Think how you’re going to use the room: Every room has a definite purpose to serve. If you’re going to arrange furniture in the living room, make a rough idea of how many people are going use it. Generally, we prefer to make sitting arrangements for eight people maximum. You can do this by placing two three seaters sofa face-to-face and two single chairs side by side. A small coffee table between the two big sofas will add to the decoration of the room without making it congested.
  • Identify the focal point of the room: What is the focal point of your room- TV, fireplace or view? If the focal point of your living room is TV, then the ideal distance between the set and the seating is three times the screen’s size. That means you have to place your chair 120 inches away from the screen if the size of the screen is 40 inches.
  • Do not block your paths: You always like to be invited into a room visibly without any obstructions in the path for moving. So, avoid placing big space-consuming furniture. Be careful about the number of items you’re placing there. Use only what you require for storage, relaxation, and convenience. By doing this, you will get extra space for placing decorative items like a flower vase.
  • Mind the corners: When a separate sofa is your main sitting furniture, you may like to place it around the corner of the room. But, it can give a claustrophobic feeling to those who sit on the middle cushion. Therefore, pull it away from the wall so that the air and light can flow freely. You may place a small console table or a brightening lamp at the back.
  • Dynamic arrangement of the furniture: For spaces with many exits, create an abstract line that angles through the room from one doorway to another, forming a horizontal path between the furniture. This dynamic arrangement will help you to remember the focal point while directing the people through the spaces at the same time.
  • Combine curve and straight lines for contrast: You should place a round table if you have linear furniture. It will create a contrast making your room look interesting. On the contrary, if your furniture is curvy, place a sharp-cornered item in between them.


  1. The placed table should be within easy reach: The table you’ve placed should be within easy reach of every seat. Every reading chair should be accompanied by a lamp. Place the coffee table 14-18 inches away from the sofa to provide enough legroom.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and make your living room a comfortable and wonderful place for your guests to cheer.